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Tommy Perez Unique Business Cards

I’m a paper geek! I love touch­ing, caress­ing, fold­ing, glue­ing and all things paper (TMI?) Lately I’ve been really get­ting into paper-kraftin’ but my per­sonal iden­tity just didn’t reflect that. So I started fool­ing around with cut­ting paper and mak­ing let­ters with folds and neg­a­tive space. After many attempts and tweaks, a paperkut logo was born. I knew If I wanted to make this crazy inter­ac­tive logo into a busi­ness card I had to go to some­one even more loco about paper & print­ing. So nat­u­rally, I approached the ridicu­lously awe­some guys at Mama’s Sauce with my busi­ness card idea. Brooks imme­di­ately started geek­ing out over it (that totally con­firmed I’d made the right deci­sion.) They took the idea and ran with it, bring­ing my “Business in the front; party in the back,” idea to life.

Tommy Perez

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